New Office

Built With: New Beginnings

7th September 2016

And we’re in – nothing like being your own client to put the pressure on!

Millennials Lunch Main Picture

The workplace of 2030

29th July 2016

There’s a lot of talk in the media about what Millennials want from their offices. However, as far as BW know, no one has asked Millennials to share their thoughts on the topic.

Defect Free Tour Image

Built Without: Defects

20th July 2016

Our aim is to deliver every project defect free at practical completion…

IMG_0386 14.40.56

Built With: Change

30th June 2016

We are delighted that all our sites supported the Rainbow Laces campaign, in collaboration with Stonewall and real estate specialist, JLL last week.

Website Post

Built With: Good Stock

17th June 2016

With strong take-up across London and the south-east office market, occupiers have an appetite for Grade-A office space.


Built With: Big Projects

1st June 2016

You may have noticed BW on a number of large-scale projects recently.

Loud Noises

Build With: Loud Noises

20th May 2016

Unpredictable Noises in the Workplace


Built With: Feedback

5th May 2016

Find out why our clients enjoyed working with the BW workplace experts in April…


Built With: Micro Changes

20th April 2016

Ten Most Common Workplace Tweaks


Built With: Support

6th April 2016

BW: Workplace Experts, has announced its nominated charity for 2016 as Rethink

M&G Investment Piece

Built With: Refurbishments

30th March 2016

BW are pleased to be involved in the flourishing Croydon office market where demand remains high in the town centre for ‘Grade A’ offices.

Bisley Shooting Picture

Built With: Bonding! Just an average day in the BW office…

9th March 2016

Last week the BW team and brave guests braved torrential rain, howling wind and hail stones the size of ice-cubes and ventured south of London to host their first Clay Pigeon Shooting encounter at Bisley Shooting Ground.

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