Built With: WELLness

15th May 2018

Built With: Small Balls

13th April 2018

Fantastic day with friends at Woburn Golf Club. Huge thank you to everyone who came.  


11th April 2018

What do workers need from the workspace today? “Let’s make it like Google!”, we hear time and again.

The Influence of Rating Scales

3rd April 2018

In 2017, a content creator called Oobah Butler decided that he wanted to do something with the experience…

Technology in the workplace

3rd April 2018

One of the most commonly talked about issues amongst workplace professionals over the past few years has been…

Procurement, Trust and the Delayering of Supply Chains

3rd April 2018

The experience people have of buying products in their personal lives has had an understandable influence on their…

Ceilings – A new perspective

6th March 2018

Just a few years ago the conversation between fit-out specialist, designer, end-user and client about ceilings would have…

Built With: A Warm Welcome

30th January 2018

Joe Garner is the latest workplace expert to join our contracts manager family and brings over 21 years…

Built With: A personal touch

22nd January 2018

We chose ‘Built With’ as a positive statement to add depth to the BW brand. It is flexible…

2017 full year summary

22nd January 2018

Thank you to everyone that has supported BW in what has been a record year. Here’s a brief…

A day in the life of a BDM…

11th December 2017

Ensuring our workplace experts understand the wider business and how roles and relationships differ is a key priority…

Built With: The Past, Present and Future

4th December 2017

Take three professions: one that studies the past, one very much in the present examining biological, chemical and…