Built Without: Defects

Our aim is to deliver every project Defect Free at practical completion. To achieve this, we put numerous checks and measures in place throughout each project journey; picking up and resolving snagging along the way.

Setting our sights on Defect Free

By 2020, our aim is for all of our projects to be Defect Free at practical completion. And it’s looking well within reach. This goal shapes the people we hire and the way we train them – with a focus on continual professional development to ensure we’re constantly striving to achieve those perfect projects. It also means we think strategically about sub-contractor and supplier selection, and how we work with design teams and occupiers.

How we’re doing

The average net promoter score in B2B is a positive 10. As an example, Apple’s net promoter score is a positive 72 and Disney is a positive 50. Ours is a positive 50, somewhere between Budweiser and Apple.

Current stats

Net promoter score

Client satisfaction

Proof we can deliver defect free

Our recent project for a consumer fashion brand was delivered 100% Defect Free. Read more about how we did it – and the recognition we’ve received since.

About the project