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Sub £3m sector

We win an award or two for a large workplace fit out, and clients can be forgiven for forgetting that most of our team are continually engaged in smaller projects. At BW, we are unwavering in our commitment to support clients on projects from a few hundred thousand pounds upwards.

In fact, half of our projects are below £3m in value. Whether simple or complex, high or low specification – what these projects have in common is speed.

It’s quite an art to sequence a full complement of trade sub-contractors, operating in confined areas – often in a fully operational workplace. But it’s a skill we’re rich in.

There are so many fit out companies that profess to be experts. But not all of them consistently deliver high quality, precise workmanship – and keep the occupiers informed and untroubled. Very few aim for Defect Free completion, or try to make the experience as simple and enjoyable as possible.

At BW we care deeply about these aspects of service and are committed to investing in learning how we can operate at this level, project after project. Our aim is to deliver customer service that is legendary. Through consistency of approach and being detailed to the point of obsessive about standards, we’re happy to say it’s working.

Large projects sector

Time after time we’re told how pleased clients are for a little more choice in the major projects market. It’s an area we’re building quite a track record in; one of our most recent blue ribbon projects won the BCO Fit Out of Workplace Award 2017.

Through our experience, we recognise that major projects present all sorts of challenges – that they are in fact, a series of resolved challenges. When it comes to large projects, we understand that teamwork is essential.

Success lies in that intricate collaboration of experts, focussed resolutely on the outcome – whilst not losing sight of the myriad details that must be agreed and resolved along the way.

Given the limited resources available industry-wide for delivery of major projects, careful consideration must be given to supply chain and sub-contractor management. We devote just as much to these relationships as we do to our employees and clients.

It means everyone is on board, enjoying the full project journey. Often, the success of a major project is determined by the preparation taken in the lead-up to starting on-site. BW has the pre-construction infrastructure to work closely with clients, design teams and sub-contractors to get every project off to a strong start.

of our projects have a sub £3m spend

Through collaboration and a rigorous approach to quality, Amazon now has the creative workplace it needs to attract and retain the best tech talent and inspire creativity. And all completely Defect Free.

Built Without: Defects

Our aim is to deliver every project Defect Free at practical completion.

Defect Free delivery